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In 2022, we are all more aware now than ever before of just how important a strong digital presence is. It has been the determining factor in which businesses have thrived or been unable to stay afloat the last couple of years. If you are looking for digital marketing in The Woodlands, Ashkan Media is here to help! We are located near downtown Houston, making us just a short drive away if you are in The Woodlands.


Social Media is one of the most important elements of marketing today, and we help you create strategic, engaging content to help your business grow. We create a presence on social media by designing unique graphic and image-based posts to help keep your audience informed, interesting, and growing. Certainly, your current photographs may be utilized, or we can build your image base with our photographic services. We manage Facebook ads, IG promotions, in addition to social media engagement to help grow your audience organically. Ashkan Media provides the no-fuss solutions. If you are looking for strategic digital marketing in The Woodlands, let us help you.

Searching for Digital Marketing in The Woodlands? Ashkan Media is conveniently located near the heart of downtown Houston.

What is social media management?
○ the handling and direction of  social platforms with imagery, ads, in addition to engagement to develop social relationships with a company’s audience

• often managed on Facebook, IG, and can explore into new platforms; most importantly, high-quality imagery and ads are often the best representation

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Our Process

As a locally owned, creative media and digital marketing agency, we prepare for creating your social media by first getting to know you and your brand. A consultation is set up via phone or FaceTime (so we can stay safe and social distanced!) so we can discuss your company, your style, and your goals. Then we can start the creative development of your social media steps! With your thoughts as well as our own artistic ideas, we create your social media management plan.

Firstly, we decide where your social media accounts are currently, and what we believe it needs. We will make recommendations on Facebook content, IG content, planning for digital SM ads. Most importantly we will see how your engagement is working for you. Secondly, we see how we can make your social media presence more successful. For example, Ashkan Media’s design team can create posts and stories, we can manage ad campaigns, and can oversee your social media engagement. In addition, we can teach you how to do it yourself!

If you are looking for digital marketing in the Woodlands, get in touch. We are not far from you, just a short drive away near downtown Houston. We have experience creating and managing all kinds of digital marketing content. Let us help you reach your digital marketing goals.

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