Houston’s Urban Nutcracker – Monthly Deliverables

Houston’s Urban Nutcracker Deliverables

NOV-DEC 2022

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The following tags will be used on all appropriate posts/stories:

Culture Arts Initiative
Dancers tags if requested
Stafford Centre
Houston Rental Studio
Any sponsors/staff provided

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Ads to be run this month

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Main text

We’re so excited to announce that tickets for the PUBLIC ARE NOW AVAILABLE for purchase! Visit staffordcentre.com to grab your ticket for Houston’s Urban Nutcracker! Do not miss this empowering, unique experience that we have in-store for you on the weekend of December 16th-18th! We can’t wait to see you there! 





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Keyphrase: summer dance houston

Summer Dance Houston

Summertime is so close we can taste it! That means it’s time to deep dive into all things related to summer and dance in Houston. Culture Arts is always looking for creative, fun ways to engage our local Houston community, and the summer is always a very exciting and busy time for us.

Christmas in July Summer Workshop

Did you know we start getting ready for the infamous Houston’s Urban Nutcracker (HUN) in the SUMMER! Yes, you read right. Preparing for our beloved inclusive and modern take on a Christmas classic requires months of hard work and practice, and that first starts with offering an inclusive HUN workshop because although it is time to focus on summer dance opportunities in Houston, we are making things fun and interesting with Christmas in July and would love for you to join us!

This Christmas in July workshop provides dancers with a fun, unique weekend experience full of a variety of multi-cultural dance classes with special guest instructors from diverse backgrounds. We encourage anyone interested to come join the workshop and also sign up to attend auditions for HUN in the 2022 season. **Ages 6+

While we are in the thick of summer dance in Houston, we are hosting auditions for the supporting cast of Houston’s Urban Nutcracker July 8 – 10, 2022 during this summer workshop. Dance styles include jazz, ballet/pointe, Rockette Precision Style, tap, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, and African. The style taking place at each audition depends on the dancer’s age. Each audition is two hours in length. More information can be found on the supporting cast audition page.

Leading cast auditions for Houston’s Urban Nutcracker will take place during this same weekend of July 8-10, 2022. The dance style depends on the role for which you are auditioning for which may include Sugar Plum Fairy, Clare, Mouse Queen, Bluebonnet Queen and more. More information pertaining to each role’s dance styles can be found on the leading cast audition page.

Musical theater auditions for Houston’s Urban Nutcracker (dance, monologue, and vocal required) will be on July 8, 2022.

Other Summer Dance and Theatre

Furthermore, anyone looking for something fun and maybe a little different to do this summer in Houston, check out “HOUsical Theatre Arts”! This is our brand new community outreach musical theatre camp. Anyone ages 7 and up may attend. No prior experience required!

If you are interested in participating, and are limited by finances, check out our scholarship options. Inclusivity is at the core of why we do what we do. Above all, we strive to give under-represented dancers who possess the passion to study dance the opportunity to do so. We provide financial support necessary to receive top-quality dance training in Houston. This includes summer dance opportunities in Houston, as well as year-round.