KDT – Monthly Deliverables

KDT’s – Monthly Deliverables

September 2022

Social Media

Here you can download this month’s Social Media PDF with all IG/FB posts, stories, and written content. Any videos used for social media content will be signified, and are available in this same folder.

To schedule a call and discuss the edits for your social media deliverables, please list the date and time you are available in the comments section below!


Here you can access the folder for this month’s reels. These are reels only, not social media posts.

Ads to be run this month

Below you can see the example of the text for the ads to be run this month within this ad template. Basic audience information is included and is subject to change depending on expected performance.

Main text

Fall registration is still open and we are offering new classes for the experienced dancer, and a variety for ages 2-adult. Join us for a fall class line-up packed with ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and so much MORE! Go online to our website or call our office to sign up your dancer for a FREE TRIAL class! Beginner and experienced dancers welcome, we can’t wait to see you in the studio!




Fall registration is still open!