Tecas – Monthly Deliverables

Tecas – Monthly Deliverables

December 2022

Social Media

Here you can download this month’s Social Media PDF with all IG/FB posts, stories, and written content.

Video Reels are represented with covers and can be viewed separately in their own section.

Just a reminder but we will post all the content accordingly pending your approval. As well as schedule ads and email blasts for the best results!

Email Blasts

Here you can see the email blasts for this month. You can click the button to preview them in PDF format.

For this month, we included a welcome email alongside an automatic email inviting the customer to come back soon for 15% off their next visit.


THESE DO NOT INCLUDE THE MUSIC PREVIEWS. Here you can access the folder for this month’s reels. These are reels only, not social media posts.

Ads to be run this month

Below you can see the example of the text for the ads to be run this month within this ad template. Basic audience information is included and is subject to change depending on expected performance.

Main Text

Delicious eats, delicious drinks…it’s time to BRUNCH! Experience our new Brunch pass from Tecas, a restaurant born out of a passion for honoring Texas heritage while giving the experience of vibrant Mexican food. With our specialty wood-fired grill, we are excited that we are now OPEN, and ready to serve mouth-watering dishes right here in Pearland! 




Pearland, TX

SEO Landing Pages

Here you can visit your 3 landing pages with targeted keywords and SEO for this month, all researched based on searched key phrases about chosen topic, as well as key phrases that you are coming up in searches on Google. These SEO landing pages are not linked to your menu on your website, the purpose of them is so that you can be found on google searches, to provide more visibility on search engines, and boost your rankings.

This month’s keywords are:

  • brunch in pearland