Disposable Menu Design – Don’t Choose Boring

Disposable menus are crucial to every restaurant in the nation right now. We know that keeping your staff and your customers healthy is your top priority. And we also know that this means yet another step for prepping your dining room for your visitors, or if you are take-out only, to give your customers the best experience they can have! It’s basically your business card. You are telling that customer, “Welcome, we are happy you’re here”. Disposable menu design DOES NOT have to be boring!

disposable menu design

Printing your own designs can be daunting.

If you have your menu files at your disposal, then congrats, you are one step ahead of the game. You can now find a trusted printer to get your disposable menus running! For the very inexpensive, we suggest Office Depot, FedEx, or Vistaprint, though you could see the effects in quality. But being disposable, you could take that risk and be good to go with some great designed menus that you don’t cry for when you toss them in the trashcan.

Let’s say you are a new restaurant or need a whole new menu design. Creating a menu yourself is a huge undertaking. From the design layout of all the items, to access to quality fonts, and simply the design knowledge to make an eye-catching and well designed menu, you may feel like you are in over your head.

That’s what designers like us are for. To come to the rescue for that disposable menu design of course!

Ready to take it on yourself?

If you are familiar with some design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, then you can absolutely make your own menu design! From the many menus that we have created, we have some tips for you.

  1. Start by putting all of your items into their proper categories, especially if your menu has changed. Decide which sections are the largest and deserve their own column, so you don’t chance breaking it up too much.
  2. Choose your size! Check out print prices so you can decide if you want a full size menu, a foldable to-go menu, or a mini menu preview card that leads to your electronic menu!
  3. Don’t be married to the layout right away. You will be surprised how many times you have to tweak the spacing to fit the items that you have, and it could get frustrating if you aren’t open to making those changes.
  4. Leave a good spot on the top/top left for your logo! You still want this menu to match your brand, so make sure you leave a space to keep your logo if at all possible.
  5. Keep your sections clean and easily digestible. Nothing is worse than a menu you can’t read.
  6. Speaking of that, don’t go too small with the print! Older eyes or those with glasses may have a hard time.

Need a little help?

As print designers, we know just how to formulate your menu into any size print you may need, from full 11×17, to a tri-fold to-go menu, to a mini postcard menu preview. We can create your new disposable menu with your brand in mind. And do our best to not cry when we have to toss it in the trash.

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