Eye Gallery – Monthly Deliverables

The Eye Gallery – Monthly Deliverables

August 2022

Social Media

Here you can download this month’s Social Media PDF with all IG/FB posts, stories, and written content. Any videos used for social media content will be signified, and are available in this same folder.

Email Blasts

Here you can see the email blasts for this month. You can click the button to preview them in PDF format.


THESE DO NOT INCLUDE THE MUSIC PREVIEWS. Here you can access the folder for this month’s reels. These are reels only, not social media posts.

Ads to be run this month

Below you can see the example of the text for the ads to be run this month within this ad template. Basic audience information is included and is subject to change depending on expected performance.

Main Text

Don’t risk your eyewear without the proper protection against scratches and unwanted glares! See one of our expert eyewear reps in store to learn more about protecting your eyes and lenses from scratches, blue light eye strain, and harmful UV rays, and peruse our unique luxury brands from all over the world.




River Oaks | Post Oak


Here you can visit this month’s targeted blog.

This month’s topic is:

The 80’s are coming back

SEO Landing Pages

Here you can visit your 3 landing pages with targeted keywords and SEO for this month, all researched based on searched key phrases about chosen topic, as well as key phrases that you are coming up in searches on Google. These SEO landing pages are not linked to your menu on your website, the purpose of them is so that you can be found on google searches, to provide more visibility on search engines, and boost your rankings.

This month’s keywords are:

  • designer eyewear houston (or) eye boutique houston
  • sunglasses houston
  • jacques marie mage glasses

Outsmart Ads

Here you can see the example of the two ad options for this month. One will be used as the full, one as the 1/4 page. Once the full has been chosen, email banner will be created with this choice.


The Outsmart ads may look off in color due to the file type required for print media! They do look normal besides the web.