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A Houston food photographer certainly has an enormous playground. Food photography should make your mouth water by presenting each dish with attention to detail, texture, color and a little temptation. However, presenting this can be challenging. At Ashkan Media, we love creating attractive images like this for hotels, restaurants, or shops that can be used for websites, print, or digital design.

Our Process

Houston Food Photographer

What is a food photographer?

[ food ] [ fuhtog-ruh-fer ] /
○ a person who produces images of artistically created nourishing substances for the purpose to represent or to sell

• often used on websites, printed booklets or social media to assist in the sales of a food or food service; high-quality imagery is often the best representation

A Houston food photographer must prepare for food photography by first getting to know you and your brand. Firstly, a consultation is set up via phone or Facetime (so we can stay safe and social distanced!) so we can discuss your restaurant or shop, your style, and your goals. Then we can start the creative development of your shoot! In addition to your thoughts as well as our own artistic ideas, we create your food photography shoot plan.

Secondly, we decide if your food will be captured in a more classic catalog fashion, or in a more lifestyle way. We have a plethora of background colors available, and all the equipment necessary to photograph at your location. After that, it comes to setting the final details, scheduling, then execution! We leave you with delicious imagery to be used on your social media, your website, print, and more.

We have experience creating food photography in Houston for Mexican restaurants, Persian restaurants, high-end hotels, catering services, and more. In short, we create some beautiful imagery for you and your food! Contact us today.


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