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Whether for a business profile, content for a website, or for advertising pieces, you can count on us. Ashkan Media provides the headshot photography Houston needs! Headshots can reflect the quality of service that you provide your customers. We create professional images with a multitude of available backgrounds. These kinds of images can be used for websites, ads, or print work, and can be created in the studio, or at your location.

Our Process

Headshot Photography Houston

What is headshot photography?

hed-shot ] [ fuhtog-ruh-fee ] /
○ the art of producing images of someone’s face for promotional purposes such as a model or business-person

• often used on websites, printed booklets or social media to assist in presenting the person professionally in their field; high-quality imagery is often the best representation

As your headshot photography Houston team, we must prepare for headshot photography by first getting to know you and your company. A consultation is set up via phone or Facetime (so we can stay safe and social distanced!) so we can discuss your business, your style, and your goals. Then we can start the creative development of your shoot! With your thoughts as well as our own artistic ideas, we create your headshot photography shoot plan.

Firstly, we decide if your headshots for you and your staff will be captured in our studio, or at your business. We have a plethora of background colors available at our studio, or all the equipment necessary to photograph at your location. From here, it comes to setting the final details, scheduling, then execution! We leave you with beautiful professional imagery to be used on your social media, your website, print, and more.

We have experience creating headshot photography in Houston for real estate agents, weather-persons, chefs, doctors, and more. Contact us today!


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