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As a Houston editorial photographer we love to tell stories through imagery. Movement, clothing, color, staging, character and more are the tools we use to create editorial and editorial style imagery for your brand. Whether content for a website, social media, articles or print, professional imagery can reflect the quality of service that you provide your customers.

Our Process

Houston Editorial Photographer

What is an editorial photographer?

[ ed-eh-tor-ee-al ] [ fuhtog-ruh-fer ] /
○ a person who produces images of products, fashion, or lifestyle

•  used to sell or promote a product or service, or otherwise support a business or organization in making more money, which can refer to product photography, lifestyle photography, and even fashion photography, depending on the client and the product or service being sold

As Houston editorial photographers, our focus is on small businesses. In other words we want to represent your store-front to their customers. The first thing we do to prepare for your business photography is to get to know you and your company. Firstly, a consultation is set up via phone or Facetime (so we can stay safe and social distanced!). We can discuss your location, your style, and your goals. Secondly, we can start the development of your shoot! After that, we create your location and business photography shoot plan.

In addition, we have hair and makeup available should your staff wish to be photographed while we are on site. Then it comes to setting the final details, scheduling, then execution! Most importantly, we leave you with professional imagery to be used on your social media, your website, print, and more.

We have experience in commercial photography in Houston for mechanic shops, fine hotels, successful restaurants, spas, luxury eyewear distributors, and more. Let’s create some beautiful imagery for you! Contact us today.


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