How to Attract Customers – with video!

Ok. So you are trying to get your brand started. Or maybe you have lost a few customers during this crazy pandemic. Or perhaps some of your other tactics are just not getting you the views or attention that you are looking for. Time to amp things up. Movement, story-telling, attention-grabbing imagery. That’s how to attract customers with video!

Video is your absolute best digital representation right now.

So much shopping, learning, and connecting are online now. You have fewer people coming to your literal store-front, which means your online perception, is the true perception of who you are to an online audience.

Thankfully we are long past the days where commercials and video advertising were only available to huge companies with a television advertising budget. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and more have taken over the small business marketing world. And it’s time that you use them effectively for you and your brand.

Now, when approaching video, you need to ask yourself, what kind of video is best to present your business? Is it a collection of quick shorts? How about a lengthy promotional? Or is it somewhere in between, or all of the above? It really depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

Here’s a guide to help how to attract customers with video!

Quick shorts

(10-15 second mini-videos)

  • Great for simple products/services
  • You can use more since they are short
  • Can be wacky/funny to grab attention
  • More bang for your buck in one shoot
  • Perfect for any social media outlet or website
  • Best for ads run for quick attention spans

Lengthy Promotional

(2:00-5:00 minute videos)

  • Great for story-telling or fundraising
  • Can include interviews and multiple scenes
  • Can be engaging, emotional, and professional
  • More costly to create good content
  • Teasers can be used on social media
  • Perfect for conventions, websites, presentations and more

Between Lengths

(1:00-1:30 minute mini-videos)

  • Great for products/services/any brand
  • Can include on-camera statements
  • Can be editorial or story-telling
  • Gives a step past a quick look
  • Can mix personal and professional
  • Perfect for any social media outlet or website

All of the Above

(:10-5:00 minute videos)

  • 1 shoot=multiple lengths
  • More costly to create good content
  • Always storytelling
  • Can be engaging and professional
  • Gives you variety to use
  • Social media and ads
  • Website and presentation purposes


Personal Video

Firstly, personal video (meaning video you take with your cell phone) can have a great place in your marketing, particularly on the social media platforms that you are engaging with your audience in a more personal way. How to attract customers with video doesn’t need to be complicated. Videos you take while you are opening your new merchandise that just came in, or the 4 coffees your team just got in before your next big project, or a little snippet of watching how you do whatever it is that you do. These are big ways that people can connect with you, so you aren’t just some brand name, but a person, a creator. These videos are best used on IG stories, Tik Tok accounts, IG/FB feeds, and can even be used as an ad now and again.

Just make sure your video has good recording quality, good light, and interesting views/editing. Most importantly, just because it isn’t professional, doesn’t mean it should make you look unprofessional!

Professional Video

Professional video (meaning video you hire a videography company for) is the big step into having your products or services represented in a professional and brand-conscious way. Just like what we talked about above, quick videos can elevate your ads and social media. Between length videos are perfect for an easily digested presentation of your business, that leaves people wanting more. Full-length promotionals are the big guns, and act almost like a mini-documentary about your business where you can have interviews, multiple scenes, and are ready to show off your company to an audience that is already there for you. Any of these can be used on social media feeds, on websites, in presentation events and in ads.

Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about the professional footage, the lighting, the sound, the interviews, the creative play, the editing, the music, or the rendering. At Ashkan Media, we have all of that covered for you.

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how to attract your customers with video