Why Mobile Compatibility is SO IMPORTANT

Let’s talk about one of the most important elements that you have in your company marketing right now. Your website. More specifically, why the mobile compatibility of your website is sooo important.

We have seen website analytic patterns that show desktop users are still around. Meaning there are still a huge amount of people who are visiting and searching online on their actual desktop computers whether at home or in the office, or for some right now, their living rooms.

But the MINUTE that you start using Facebook ads, your traffic can turn mobile. The minute you start upping your social media engagement and posts, your traffic can turn mobile. The minute you start up that Tik Tok account, your traffic can turn mobile. Which means your mobile website is extremely important.

Some of you may know this already, but your desktop website and your mobile website, do not look alike. This is because of something called responsive web design. Images and text can shift so they fit and are legible on smaller screens like a phone or a tablet. Because of this, sometimes your mobile version can look a little weird, and on 3rd party site designers like Wix, they can end up looking REALLY weird.

Every page on your site, make sure to check the mobile site. On WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, there will always be a place in the customization or on each page itself to select “mobile view” and you can see if there is anything strange going on.

Mobile Compatibility zip hers mobile

Besides just looking for errors, mobile compatibitly also brings up a super imporant element of your site, and that is vertical space. Your desktop view can be beautiful with imagery, brand stories, testimonials, shop sections, call to actions, funny jokes, more imagery…that is a lot to scroll through on a mobile screen.

Mobile Compatibility keyboard

Consider the most important things that a potential customer needs to see in order to make a sale for yourself, or at the very least gain their interest so that they STAY on your website. A call to action, a short statement about your topic, and then straight to what you have to offer them. Oh, and how to contact you of course. Testimonials are always a plus too.

Every brand is different, every site is different. Those are a few tips on how important it is that your site is mobiley compatible!

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