How to Connect with Your Audience –

Why you need to be on camera

It’s time to connect with the community of your brand. How to connect with your audience now that you are prepared to share your work? Some of you may not like it. But you need to get on camera. I know I know, there are so many people that would rather do literally anything else than that, or to speak to people pubically. Others have on-camera comfort already, which is great! Because that’s basically what it is, is online public speaking. Here’s why you NEED to be on camera.

In today’s world, it is a MUST.

Every market is saturated with creators, sellers, manufacturers, all who are trying to get their products in the hands of the same competitive audience. Into your audience. So what you can do to set yourself apart, is to get your face seen. It creates a personal connection to your brand, so people see who you are, and it means that people will start to care more about your brand.

Here are a few ways that you can get yourself on camera and feel confident in how to connect with your audience.

More Casual

Instagram Stories:

this is a great to show off video of you with your merchandise, performing your service, or behind the scenes of your creative process. It is casual, it’s quick, and can be done easily with a cell phone.

how to connect with your audience on IG stories

Facebook Live:

This is a great way to engage people during an event or even to offer a tutorial of something that you are working on. It’s casual, it can make people feel involved and in the know, and can be done easily with a cell phone

IG/FB Feeds:

Cute videos or snapshots of you and your team are a great way to break up the content of your feed, so while your audience sees your work, they also see a little bit of you. This needs to be a little bit more polished to keep the professional look of your feed, but still can be done with a cell phone.

how to connect with your audience on IG feed

More Professional


We feel, that this is a MUST for your website, your shop, and any of your social media accounts. The number one thing that shows you as a professional, is a high-quality headshot. This is something that you should consider hiring a professional for, or at least to use a professional-quality camera for.


This is the big step up. It is the most professional way to showcase who you are and is often used in a video promotional for your company. Just because it’s professional doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy, but this on-camera professional interview can be used in full, or in clips throughout your website or social media. You can tell your story, your purpose, and truly get your audience on your team.

how to connect with your audience in an interview

If you are nervous about being on camera…take a deep breath. Prepare yourself and know that people really do care about what you have to offer when you are genuine.

Need a little help?

As creative developers, we know just how important it is to get yourself on camera. We know it can be overwhelming to achieve in a casual or a professional manner. We are here for you to help plan or create your on-camera debut for social media and more!

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