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When we are working with a business just like yours on product photography in Houston, we know one of the most important things to get, are the DETAILS! In short, whether you are selling pieces of clothing, delicious food, your artwork, or a piece of furniture, you MUST show your audience the details of what you are creating for them. Ecommerce has gained a huge respect for quality in the recent years, which means people truly care about what they are putting in their homes or on their bodies. Showing your products up close gives your potential customer a feeling of trust with your product.

The details will show the time and care you put into your work, and ultimately the heart of the function of your products.

Make sure you are representing your products the best way possible, whether you are showcasing them on social media, your Etsy or online shop, or your website. ESPECIALLY if you are going to handle the imagery yourself. And that is making sure that you get the DETAILS of your products. It’s what can set you apart. Here are some examples of product details we have created for some of our customers, and what you can learn from what they tell to a potential client base!

Example: Handcrafted Furniture (Tangible Product)

  • Showcases the craftsmanship
  • Gives variety to portfolio/catalog
  • Unique perspective on materials
  • White is clean and classic
  • Colors can be used if appropriate
  • Texture, texture, texture

Example: Active Wear Line (Retail Product)

  • Showcases the brand voice
  • Gives variety to portfolio/catalog
  • Details of product & use
  • White is clean and classic
  • Colors can be used for fun
  • Close up and mid views

Example: Fine Artist (Individual Creator)

  • Gives insight into your process
  • Shows a human side to work
  • Details of your pieces too
  • Materials and hands used
  • Important for social media
  • Story-telling for you

These kinds of images are just so crucial to help your audience connect with what you are creating for them, to build trust into your brand and your work that you are ultimately trying to sell to them! However, these should not be the only focus of your imagery, but rather an always present perspective that is peppered around in your marketing and digital/print presence.

You can use these kinds of detailed images in your social media, on your websites (an absolute MUST for any retail brand!), in print adverts or brochures, just about anything!

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