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How to Attract Customers with Video

Ok. So you are trying to get your brand started. Or maybe you have lost a few customers during this crazy pandemic. Or perhaps some of your other tactics are just not getting you the views or attention that you are looking for. Time to amp things up. Read more from our creative development and marketing blog below!

Houston Commercial Photographers

Houston Commercial Photographers -- The Full Scoop on Making a Selection Are you looking for Houston commercial photographers? Whether you are searching for the right person for product photography, commercial headshots, or lifestyle headshots, Ashkan Media loves getting to infuse our creative vision into commercial photography. Our commercial photography surpasses expectations while always meeting the [...]

Professional Headshots in Houston

 Professional Headshots - Why They Matter Are you looking for professional headshots in Houston? Whether you need the perfect professional headshot for a business profile, as content for a website or social media, or for any advertising pieces, you can count on us for professional headshots in Houston and the surrounding areas. Ashkan Media consistently [...]

Social Media Management in Houston

Effective Social Media Management Makes all the Difference No matter the type of business you have, social media is a vital piece of a successful marketing strategy. Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to a business because it connects you with potential and current customers anywhere in the world, at any [...]

Video Production in Houston – A Deep Dive

Video Production The best creative content does more than simply add views; it adds value. Video content is easily one of the most engaging types of content your business can create. It can also be the most meaningful content because it provides you a compelling way to tell your business’ unique story and connect you [...]

How to Connect with Your Audience – Be on Camera

How to Connect with Your Audience - Why you need to be on camera It's time to connect with the community of your brand. How to connect with your audience now that you are prepared to share your work? Some of you may not like it. But you need to get on camera. I know [...]

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Should You Post on Social Media? So how often should you post on social media? Managing your own social media is time consuming, and can be a little overwhelming with everything else that you have to to run your business. But it is SO important to keep your digital presence fresh, and to [...]

Why Mobile Compatibility is SO IMPORTANT

Why Mobile Compatibility is SO IMPORTANT Let's talk about one of the most important elements that you have in your company marketing right now. Your website. More specifically, why the mobile compatibility of your website is sooo important. We have seen website analytic patterns that show desktop users are still around. Meaning there are still [...]

How to Do Food Photography Yourself

How to Do Food Photography Yourself If you are a restaurant owner, you know just how important it is right now that customers know they want to eat your food, before they even get into the door. Sometimes, they don't even make it into your door. Getting more to-go orders could be decided by how [...]

Product Photography in Houston

Product Photography - Don't Forget the Details! When we are working with a business just like yours on product photography in Houston, we know one of the most important things to get, are the DETAILS! In short, whether you are selling pieces of clothing, delicious food, your artwork, or a piece of furniture, you MUST [...]

Disposable Menu Design

Disposable Menu Design - Don't Choose Boring Disposable menus are crucial to every restaurant in the nation right now. We know that keeping your staff and your customers healthy is your top priority. And we also know that this means yet another step for prepping your dining room for your visitors, or if you are [...]


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